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Hello and welcome to the technology-related series of blog posts on how to start a piano studio website on your own. If you have never configured a self-hosted website then this series of articles was written for you and it is set to remove all the barriers to entry. Keep reading!

Before you start you need a Domain Name, Content and Hosting Provider. The importance of the first two was very well described in our previous posts, but the third one namely Hosting Provider is going to be the focus of this tutorial. We are going to pick a hosting plan, create a hosting account and prepare WordPress for your piano studio website.

Self-Hosting ≠ Rocket Science

Setting up your very own piano studio website these days is super easy. And when it comes to WordPress there are plenty of hosting providers to choose from. Today we are describing how to do that via SiteGround. It is recommended by WordPress itself and it takes 10-15 minutes to configure when you have the domain name and content ready to go. Let’s see step by step what the onboarding experience looks like.

Step 1. Choose Plan

Three pre-packaged plans are available for you from the get-go. To make it easy, let’s go with StartUp for now. It has everything you need to host your piano studio website. Click Order Now.

Step 2. Choose Domain

We trust that you have purchased your own domain name already, and if not you have an option to do so as part of this onboarding process. For the purpose of this tutorial, we go with one of our existing domain names. Click Proceed.

Step 3. Review & Complete

It is time to provide your credentials and billing details. If you have an account already feel free to Log in. Remember to use your piano studio email address here as this website is for business use. And take note of both email addresses and passwords as you will need those to access your hosting account later.

In addition to your credentials and billing address, SiteGround requires your credit card info on file. It is used to charge your piano studio for the website hosting services. Note that in many countries hosting the piano studio website is considered a business expense. If your piano studio has a business credit card, use it here as it might very well be tax-deductible too.

You are at the very end of the initial onboarding process. Here you can adjust the plan and the term/period you would like to signup for. You can see the final Hosting Price and the total amount to be billed when you click Pay Now. Once clicked you can finally proceed to the Customer Area.

What’s Next?

You have just created your hosting account on SiteGround! It was easy and hassle-free. Now you have a hosting account, but it is completely empty and useless. Our next step is to install WordPress and our blog post is providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that. Keep reading!

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