20 Intermediate Piano Repertoire Pieces to Inspire

Intermediate Piano Repertoire

Do you have a list of intermediate piano repertoire pieces to inspire and motivate your students?? Introducing the students to world-known pianists is an encouraging and rewarding experience and has to be included in the lesson plan for all levels. Here is a list of 20 Intermediate Piano Repertoire Pieces which definitely are going to be loved.

Classic Intermediate Piano Pieces

Scherzo in C Major, J.L. Krebs, RCM Level 5

Scherzo, Sonatina in G Major, op.151, No. 1, A. Diabelli, Level 5

Sonatina in A Minor, G.A. Benda, Level 6

Bagatelle in A Minor, L. van Beethoven, Level 6

Solfeggio in C Minor, C.F.E. Bach, Level 8

Spanish Follies, A. Scarlatti, Level 6

Waltz A Minor, F. Chopin, Level 6

Knight Rupert, Album for the Young, Op. 68, No. 12, R. Schumann, Level 7

Waltz, V. Kosenko Level 7

Witch, P.I. Tchaikovsky, Level 6

Sweet Dreams, P.I. Tchaikovsky, Level 6

Romantic and Contemporary Intermediate Piano Pieces

Melancholic Reflection, M. Schoenmehl,  Level 5

On the Lake, H. Hofmann, Level 6

Poetic Tune, E. Grieg

Spruce Tree, J. Sibelius

Far Away Friend, M. Springer, Level 8

Technical and Impressive Intermediate Piano Pieces

Tarantella, J.F. Burgmuller, Level 6

Inquietude, J.F. Burgmuller, Level 5

Dragonfly Scherzo, Anne Crosby Gaudet, RCM Level 5

Longing, C. Gurlitt, RCM Level 5

Exposing the students to a variety of different styles and genre of music as often as possible enriches their growth as musicians and helps to plant a love for music and performing.

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