Beginner Piano Lesson Plan Sample

Beginner Piano Lesson Plan

What is a beginner piano lesson plan and how it can be your time and soul saver? The beginner piano lesson plan is not set in stone and can give enough room for flexibility. Include these 3 roadmap elements into your planning and it will save your time, help with learning evaluation, as well as assist with long and short goal-setting.

Timing and Reflection

A good idea might be to plan the next lesson immediately after or later in the day when the last lesson is still fresh in your mind. Always know the activities for the upcoming lesson.

beginner piano lesson plan

Routine Activities

The Routine Activities include Ice-breaker, Lesson Roadmap, Finger Gym, and Warm-ups, as well as Homework assignments and talk with parents. Each of those elements is short and takes only 1-2 minutes of the lesson.

Lesson Planner Cards printable can be found here.

Piano Playing

With a goal to learn to play piano music-making is the top priority. This element takes most of the lesson time and the student has to have enough time to experience music. For the beginner piano student playing piano consists of rote playing, playing using maps and pre-reading prints, improvising and composing.

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Off-the-Bench Activities

One of the main challenges with the nowadays kids is they are losing their interest in activities of any kind extremely fast as well as have a very short attention span. These are what the Off-the-Bench activities help to overcome as they appear in between Playing Piano exercises and are our vital tools in successful piano teaching. Off-the-Bench activities are everything that includes movement, listening, drawing, games, and even worksheets.

Here is the Notopoly, the most loveable and popular game to reinforce note reading skills.

Piano Heroes Notopoly Game

Happy teaching!

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