How Can Amazon Kindle App Help Piano Teacher?

Amazon Kindle App

Hello piano teacher and welcome to a series of technology-related blog posts from Piano Heroes. Today we are exploring the usefulness of the Amazon Kindle App for a piano teacher. Intrigued? Keep reading then!


Have you ever heard of Kindle before? It is known to the generic public as an e-reader from Amazon. And as Amazon puts it – ‘A Booklover’s Best Friend’. In our house, every book lover indeed has one of those which makes it four! It is too small for reading music scores, but it is an absolute pleasure to read books. And since our family buys and reads a lot of books, it is also very convenient to have access to the Amazon marketplace and 1-Click ordering. At this point, you might be thinking “What does it all have to do with my piano studio?”. The answer is music books!

Music Books

Do you have any music books at your piano studio today? Of course, you do. They say that effort for storing, indexing and retrieving the right piece at the right time is always proportional to the number of years you play the piano ?. Unless you collect music books in digital format. That’s when you reap the benefits of the Amazon Kindle App!

App Review

The app works in both portrait and landscape modes. Its user interface and gesture-based navigation feel very natural and most of the time invisible to you. In addition to the major features like search, bookmarks, brightness control, and table of contents, you get yet another set of more obscure tools like content highlighting, flashcards, and annotations which might be useful to flag or leave markings.

There are other apps available on the market serving that same purpose, but what makes Amazon Kindle App special is its seamless integration with the biggest marketplace in the world. Searching, buying and categorizing your music books become a breeze. The app is available for free on both Apple and Google Play stores meaning you can easily install it on iOS and Android devices. Remember that wider screens will make the experience feel closer to reading from a physical paperback.


There is one other very important thing about the app you need to know, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to release and distribute their products worldwide. When you buy a music book a portion of the price you pay goes directly to authors, designers, and creators. It feels good to support your favourite authors!

More and more music books are becoming available in digital formats. And Amazon as the main disruptor of this space makes it easy for you to grow and moderate collections of digital books you own. In the long run, Amazon Kindle App will save you money and what is more important a lot of time so you can focus instead on doing what you can do best, teach the piano.

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